Do you have a communal aerial that runs to your property?

Communal (shared) aerials and satellite dishes are typically found in blocks of flats or maisonettes. The single aerial or satellite dish will be sited somewhere above the premises, with wiring running individually to each property.

If you have a problem with reception from your communal aerial or satellite dish, make a note of the circumstances of the fault, for instance does it occur constantly or intermittently? Does the fault occur when certain electrical appliances are in use? Do all of your neighbours using the communal system experience the same issues? This information can be vital to finding the source of the fault.

Communal TV Aerials

Who is responsible for the communal aerial or satellite dish?

The landlord, agent or residents' management committee will usually take care of any maintenance of this system. Connecting leads within your home are often accessible to you, but It may be the owner/landlord's responsibility to hire aerial installers at their expense - not yours.

Contact the owner of the communal system and ask them to speak to an NDI Aerials engineer. Our measuring equipment will help locate the source of the fault and diagnose the best solution.

Are you the owner of a communal aerial system?

If you own a communal aerial or satellite dish system as a landlord or for your business and you need help investigating a fault, give our qualified engineers a call.

We can provide a quick, efficient and cost effective solution, whilst minimising disruption to your residents.

We provide full installation and maintenance services of communal aerial and satellite systems. this includes fitting, upgrades, wiring, boosters and fault-finding.

Communal Satellite Dish

Local Authorities

We also perform aerial fitting, aerial repairs and work on satellite systems for local authorities.