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Our team of super friendly, qualified Digital TV Aerials installers work daily fitting TV aerials in homes and small businesses around Mansfield Woodhouse. We consider our Mansfield Woodhouse TV aerials to be the best in the area, fitted by a team with many years of experience in TV Aerials Installation.

Our TV aerials Mansfield Woodhouse installers show a passion and desire to leave every home with a fully functional TV, with every terrestrial TV channel available for viewing from the outset.

Do you need a new Digital TV Aerial fitted?

In the majority of cases, installation of new digital TV aerials is recommend to ensure your audio/visual equipment can benefit from the best possible input.

Many of our customers have large or outdated TV aerials that were installed for older analogue equipment. After upgrading to Digital, Freeview or a Smart TV, weaknesses in older TV aerials in Mansfield Woodhouse can become noticeable.

Our team specialises in upgrading older TV aerials in Mansfield Woodhouse to something more modern and future-proof. In many cases we will install compact, tidier and more efficient Digital TV Aerials in your Mansfield Woodhouse loft, instead of mounting them in visible areas on the outside of your house.

TV aerials Mansfield Woodhouse

Mansfield Woodhouse TV Aerial Equipment

The different types of digital TV aerial can often be confusing to an untrained observer. Here are some of the most popular types of TV aerial equipment we install and service:

Indoor TV Aerials

Indoor TV aerials are very common in Mansfield Woodhouse. Basic models are available from retail outlets as they are one of the easiest to set up. They can be plugged directly into a TV then mounted on a nearby wall, shelf, table or entertainment centre. Only minimal adjustment is necessary for an adequate signal.

However, indoor TV aerials will rarely give as good a signal as a dedicated rooftop digital aerial. This is due to the aerial's small size, low-level blockages and interference from multiple nearby electronic devices.

Multi-directional TV Aerials

The majority of indoor aerials are multi-directional. This type is well suited for heavily populated areas receiving multiple broadcast signals from different directions.

Multi-directional aerials are also ideal for caravans, camper vans and mobile homes that regularly move around. The downside to these aerials is that they don't receive as strong a signal.

Outdoor TV Aerials

Outdoor aerials are designed to pick up more signals and from farther away. Typically they are much bigger than an indoor aerial and need expert installation.

The optimum reception is reached by mounting the aerial at the highest possible point in your Mansfield Woodhouse property. The further above surrounding houses, trees and obstacles the antenna sits, the greater the quality of the incoming signals.

Most customers will have their TV aerials mounted on the roof, attached to a large pole or high up in a loft space.

Directional TV Aerials

Outdoor TV aerials fall under this category. Unlike multi-directional aerials, directional aerials are designed to focus on all the signals coming from a single direction. Directional TV aerials have the longest range and are capable of the highest quality HD signals, with least interference. Setup is more involving with a directional aerial as they must be calibrated to the position of the most powerful local transmitter.


If a signal is too weak to pick up clearly or the nearest transmitter is quite a distance away, signal quality can be enhanced using a dedicated booster/amplifier. These devices strengthen signals without altering them. A TV aerial booster takes a weak TV signal, adds external power to the frequency and outputs the same signal with improved clarity and intensity.

Masthead TV Aerial Booster (Preamp)

This type is fitted below the outdoor aerial. The power supply is installed within the house and supplies low voltage power to the booster directly through the coaxial cable.

Mains TV Aerial Booster (indoor)

These amplifiers are sited inside your property, somewhere along the main cable run coming from the aerial. Power is supplied direct from the mains and units usually include more than one outlet, to accommodate TVs in multiple rooms. Best practice is to put the booster as close to the aerial as possible, for highest signal quality.

Mansfield Woodhouse TV Aerial Repairs

At times TV aerials in Mansfield Woodhouse may need to be repaired. In our experience, storm damage to TV Aerials in Mansfield Woodhouse has increased in recent years. Autumn, Winter and Spring weather often affects the Mansfield Woodhouse TV aerial signals.

We appreciate how frustrating it can be when your Mansfield Woodhouse TV Aerials fail, so our team of Aerial Engineers in will work efficiently and quickly to get your TV Aerials repaired.

Sometimes with old rusty TV Aerials, repairing your Mansfield Woodhouse Aerial is simply not a viable option. With the changes in the way we are watching and using modern TVs, it might end up more cost effective to replace your TV aerials.

Fitted TV aerials Mansfield Woodhouse

How much do Digital TV Aerials in Mansfield Woodhouse cost to fit?

TV Aerials installation doesn’t come with a fixed price tag, as fitting requirements depend on multiple factors. These can include - the type of TV aerial, the number of TV aerial sockets required and the position of your house in relation to the closest Mansfield Woodhouse TV transmitter.

You might find that other TV Aerials Mansfield Woodhouse companies are offering 'TV Aerial Fitting' from £30-£40, but don’t be tricked by cowboy installers. When choosing specialist Mansfield Woodhouse TV Aerials equipment, a compromise on price can end up as false economy.

This short clip from BBC's Rogue Traders gives examples of the sort of low quality workmanship you should steer clear of:

Are we the best TV Aerials Fitters in Mansfield Woodhouse?

Of course, we like to think so! Our friendly and well-trained TV Aerials Mansfield Woodhouse fitting engineers are eager to take your calls.

Whether you need Mansfield Woodhouse TV Aerial Installation, Mansfield Woodhouse TV Aerials Repaired or have Poor Reception, contact us now. You'll be glad you did!

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